Born in Modena, Italy, BeviniModena is inspired by the colors and shapes of the beautiful “Centro Storico” famous for the unique and endless “portici”(covered walkways).  Influential, original and ahead of its time, BeviniModena is reinventing an exclusive modern approach to high fashion. 



By selecting the finest leathers and having a strong focus on details as well as a long standing loyalty to our artisans, all culminates to produce signature high end handbags and accessories of unparalleled quality that are both beautiful and purposeful – current, yet timelessly redefining luxury.




BeviniModena handbags are completely handmade in our Italian workshop using only genuine leathers of the finest quality, being fully dedicated to preserving the Italian tradition.



Whether the customer is new to the line or has been faithful to it for many years, BeviniModena is devoted to providing our customers their own personal passage of the soul to the richness and luxury of Italy.