How to Care for your Leather BEVINI Bag

Our handbags are made of highest quality leather and materials to offer an unsurpassed quality of luxury for the senses. Additional care is taken to guarantee that all skins procured for craft are ethically produced and meet international regulations. Grain and slight differences of color are characteristics of the leather. Leather is a natural product and, inherent in the material, are scars and irregularities, which can spot, lose color, or darken. We believe this adds to the character and aesthetic of our products and serve as proof of the unique craftsmanship and authenticity of leather products. Each impression leaving a memory to be cherished for ever. Water stains should be left alone, as they will ultimately blend into the darker leather with time and wear. The leather may stain if exposed to oils, dyes, or dark denim, and may be difficult to remove. When the bag is not in use, it is recommended to keep it in a soft dust bag to protect the hardware from scratching. 

With normal use, your bag may darken or become more slouchy and soft. We recommend keeping your bag away from direct sunlight, heat, humidity, and water. Exposure to makeup, oil, dyes, and dark denim can unfortunately stain the leather and can be hard to remove. In the case that your bag is stained we strongly suggest bringing it to a leather care professional who can assist you with the best restoration options. 

It is recommended not to wear light-colored clothing with any dark suede items as a natural cracking of color can occur, especially in wet or damp weather. To limit this possibility, we recommend using a Scotch Guard protective spray. We also recommend using a Scotch Guard to protect any light-colored textile bags.

If general wear and tear diminishes a handbag’s appearance, we suggest visiting a reputable leather care professional for refurbishment.

SAMPLES purchased in our sample sale are sold in an as-is condition with no warranty for repair and are final sale.  These items are purchases at buyer's discretion.